Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is something that has been really pressing on my heart for some time now. Can I or anyone for that matter really make a difference in someone elses life without a relationship?

I guess the answer is yes and no. I hate and love hard questions, questions that us make think. Questions that drive us to our knees in prayer, for ourselves and others.

The yes, I think is someone I have never met could do something heroic or very giving, or sacrificial and that may change the course of my life forever IF I hear about it. It could also change my life if it effects my life in some way even if I have never met them. Therefore I can with my choices change lives without even knowing that person.

The no I believe is someone cannot make lasting change in anyone including their own personal lives without relationship. That relationship I believe is with Christ and it isn't how much we know about him or have read, even in our bible or have heard from a friend. I believe it's how much what we read, and know and have heard from a friend caused real changes in our life.

I want to be changed by my relationship with Jesus! I want to cause changes around me because of my relationship with Jesus! I am so very thankful for a God who loved me so much that he changed my life forever and he continues to work in me every single day!