Monday, November 24, 2008


I have been given a challenge and I want to pass it on to others. This time of year when we are just covered in commercials with Thanksgiving sales and turkeys, I am afraid we have forgotten to be thankful. I am talking about the act of being thankful, to actually act it out not just sit together at a table and eat food or make plans for another year with the family. I am having a year that I see God moving in my heart and life to remind me "look around Laura at all I provided in friends, family, food, and love." I have fallen short to be thankful, not just to God, but to actually say these words to others so they will know what they mean to me.

There are so many people that pour there lives out for Christ and refuse to be thanked, but I believe we can thank them on God's behalf. We need to thank them for their surrender to His will. We can all think of how someones surrendered life has changed or impacted ours in some way.

I am going to give a minimum of 30 minutes to actively being thankful this Thanksgiving. I am going to be specific with at least one person about what am thankful for in how they impact my life. I am also going to start a tradition in my family of thankfulness this year. This was the challenge I was given, I believe in passing on a good challenge. Maybe this will be a truly thankful Thanksgiving :)