Monday, December 8, 2008


I just wanted to share a testimony of how God spoke to me when I was confused and being stubborn. This is something I really needed to hear. I have alot of things I feel like NEED to happen. Alot of things that NEED to be done a certain way. When they don't I get really flustered and overwhelmed. I am not as good at being calm about it when I am sick.

I got this really big thump on the head from God that I don't NEED to do my work in peoples lives but I NEED to let Him do His work. Then I would be alot less flustered because then everything wouldn't be up to me. Life is not really people becoming what I think God wants them to be. It's about me hearing from God for my life. If I would spend more time encouraging the accomplishments I see rather than the things I wish people could be(including myself) I am sure it would be more pleasing to God. Everyone gets more done with encouragment than with nagging. I beleive His word says spur each other to good works.

I want to become a wife that nags less and encourages more. I want to be the wife that notices the little things my husband does everyday to be the man God is asking. I want to be the mother that spurs my children to good works. This is my prayer to get off my agenda and onto God's.