Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been trying to decern, or compare some things in my own life. Is this thing better than this thing? Would this situation be better than this situation? Would God be more pleased with this or that? We all come to different crossroads for different reasons. I think some because of choices we have made good ones and bad. Others because of choices people close to us have made.

I think we all prefer the crossroads that are the result of the good choices we have made, like we have saved alot of money and now we have to choose where to take our next vacation. How about finishing four long hard years of college and the choice of where to work. However we all find ourselves at crossroads that are the result of the good and the bad choices of ourselves and those around us.

In every situation we have an opportunity to grow and learn. We have a chance for change. We also have a God that wants to show us who He is in it.

I recently have been going through some tough choices and real changes and feeling like life is too hard. I think life is rough and stinky sometimes. I think it has real pain.

But God's lovingkindness is better than life itself, so I will praise Him. That is what I read in psalms and it comforted me to remember God is even better than life itself. What I have in Jesus outdoes and overcomes anything this life has to throw at me, or what I think I could mess up in life.