Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guard your Heart

As I am walking through the toughest time of my 33 years I am finding my thought life to be the hardest thing to bring under control. I am sure that there are days it does not bring God any glory at all.

I was at church on Sunday and the sermon was about our natural bent what our inclinations are and we are bent toward sin. We don't have to live it out but we have to understand the war that is in us and the God that died for the victory over it!! I can live by the spirit today or the flesh.

If I am being honest there have been more days when my thoughts are that of something like this "nothing is ever going to change", "I am so tired of this", "whatever", "so what", "blah, blah, blah", "keep talking no one wants to hear your mouth", "I don't care if this even works out"!! I am sure these thoughts are not from God and though I am not beating myself up for being hurt or sad. What I am saying dwelling on thoughts like these gives satan a foothold in my heart. This foothold let's him destroy not just me by me leaving hopeless, but it destroys others around me. Have you ever been trying to change and seek God with someone in you ear telling you, whatever, you can't do this, I don't care if you do!

I had a dear friend in Christ say to if these thoughts are not from Christ you need to guard your heart! It probably doesn't sound like a big deal but this is a huge deal this is how families are being destoyed and God's glory is being lost. Isn't that our purpose for being here?? To bring God glory....

Man I don't want to miss it being part of this glory, being an avenue for His glory. I am also certain everything in satan's path is destruction.


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