Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hope is a curious thing isn't it really. I find that it is at least. I will purpose in my heart to have it, and know with mind that you only find it in Christ and the next thing I know something in my circumstance will just make me have overwhelming feelings of gloom and doom. You know pure hopelessness. It will take me a moment to snap out of it and realize as his children we will overcome this world. I have to tell myself that I will overcome this world. Whatever it can throw at me. Whatever preconceived idea I had that God would do, or not let happen. I have to choose not only to praise Him but not lose hope about who God is and what He promised to do.

I am realizing more and more. God's word is full of families that struggled with sin and trouble. God actually promised us trouble and trials. We spend most of our days trying to get to a place of heaven on earth. A place where there is no hurt or trouble and there is always peace. I want to spend my days hungering for more Jesus, and His character. Then when the trouble comes I will be able to withstand it. I will bring glory to Him and maybe there will be others that come to heaven because of it. I truly want the time it takes for me to get from the hopeless place to my knees to become less. I don't really want to look like life doesn't hurt me and that I am without feelings, how will I testify of a God that outstretched His arms to die for those who had no way to save themselves, if I look like I am without emotions. I just want to always see my God in the midst of every trial. Please God give me those eyes.


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